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About ME

Class 1992, Irene is an Italian-born creator who seeks extraordinary experiences and incredible adventures all through a lens. Freelance photographer and licensed drone operator, she made a full-time job out of her biggest passions.

In 2013 she developed a strong interest for travel and photography, and she started to share this love through her social medias.

She has been traveling the world with her camera as a full-time creator since 2019, working with leading brands such as Sony, The North Face, Jeep, Sheraton and tourism boards all over the world, who rely on her to sponsor destinations and create tailored storytelling. 

While she explores the world, she never misses the chance to learn new skills and disciplines, such as freediving, surf, pole dance, yoga and acro-yoga, skateboard and acrobatics. 

Proud 2023 winner of ADUTEI digital award



  • Sony A7IV
  • Sony 200 mm f/2.8 GM
  • Sony a6300 + Sony 55-210 mm f/4.5 
  • Seafrog Underwater Case
  • Gopro 12
  • Dji mini 3 Drone.
  • Insta 360 X2
  • Insta 360 X3
  • Gimbal Insta360
  • Hover X1 drone
  • iPhone13 pro Max